Why You Should Buy or Sell Your Home in Fall

The spring and summer are typically noted as the “best time” to buy or sell a house. The weather is usually sunny and bright with landscaping fully blooming and bright green. The popularity of the spring/summer market may lead some to believe that the market comes to a standstill in the fall. Completely untrue!

Thankfully, the real estate market can be just as active and lively in the fall as it is in the spring. Successful transactions happen every day, so it’s reasonable to think you can buy or sell your home in fall.

Why You Should Sell Your Home in the Fall

Buyers are serious.

Often times, these homebuyers are those that have been looking for a long time, but have yet to find “the one.” They could also be moving for job related reasons. Above all, with the holiday season looming, buyers in the fall are serious about finding a place to call home before the holidays.

There is less competition.

Statistics show that housing inventory in most markets tends to dip in the fall and winter months. Fewer homes on the market means yours can stand out as something special.

The ambiance of fall is unmatched.

With the beautiful jewel tones throughout the trees and warm fall decor, you can’t help but crave a homemade apple pie once those leaves start changing colors. Autumn sellers can take advantage of the trendy and cozy fall colors when staging their homes. Just be sure to keep the yard neat and free of leaves as best you can.

Why You Should Buy Your Home in the Fall

Sellers are motivated.

Some listings may be lingering on the market from the spring and summer. Maybe their listing needs revamping or had a contract fall through. Whatever the reason for their home’s active listing status, the fall season can amp up their desire to sell before the holidays.

Sellers are determined.

Not every listing is leftover from the spring or summer markets. There are still homeowners that need to sell their homes in the fall for work or life changes. These sellers may be more willing to negotiate with a buyer simply because their move is necessary and urgent.

Homeownership comes with tax deductions.

Purchasing a home for the first time? Buying a house can significantly change your income tax deductions and the interest paid on a mortgage can make a difference. Be sure to discuss your individual tax situation with your trusted tax advisor.

Simply because the weather is cooling off doesn’t mean that the real estate market is also going cold. The fall is still a great time to buy or sell your home. Buyers are ready to make moves before the winter sets in and holidays arrive. Sellers can take advantage of less competition and solid comparable sales to maximize the value of their home.

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