2021 Annual Memorial Golf Tournament

Keeping well-loved traditions alive is near and dear to the hearts of many Fawn Lake residents.  With the Annual Memorial Golf Tournament, neighborhood golfers pay homage to friends and players who have passed on but still live in the hearts of friends.

Over the weekend of April 17 and 18, members of the Fawn Lake Country Club joined together for a rousing game of golf to honor friends and fellow golfers whose love for the game clearly surpasses life and death.  Held on a yearly basis every spring, the Annual Memorial Golf Tournament is one of the neighborhood’s most well known events.  Teams join together for healthy competition and thoughtful rememberance of lost friends during this two day tournament.

Fawn Lake’s Annual Memorial Golf Tournament is just another example of the camaraderie and fellowship amongst neighbors and residents.

Friendships are bound to form between golfers as they make their rounds on Arnold Palmer’s “Virginia Masterpiece.”  Fawn Lake’s fairways have celebrated graduations, career milestones, new children and grandchildren, retirements and more throughout the years, offering more than a simple golf game but a chance to part of a larger, supportive community.

To honor those golfers who are no longer with us, Fawn Lake Country Club shares this touching poem on their Facebook page:

We remember former members today
Not for their drives down the fairway
Not for the many putts they made
But for their love of the game we played
Teammates, competitors, always friends
Our memory of them endures, never ends
No longer we see them on the green or tee
Part of our lives they will forever be
Let us play today the game we enjoy
With some sadness, but mostly joy
For they walk with us every hole we play
We remember former members today

The 2021 Annual Golf Tournament  memorialized the following golfers:

  • Larry Antinozzi
  • Ken Baker
  • Bob Ball
  • Denny Bergo
  • Ed Berlin
  • Tony Colletti
  • Bert Fant
  • Glenn Giddings
  • Tom Henry
  • Ernie LeSueur
  • John Mason
  • Wayne “Mayf” Mayfield
  • Bob “Doc” Melany
  • Frank Names
  • Don Noon
  • Terry Norris
  • Jim Renick
  • Bob RouseJ
  • John Schmid
  • Jerry Smallwood
  • Jim Spicer
  • Jeff Stele
  • Ted Vrankinen
  • Bill Westerman

But the sentiment of the day does not mean players take the edge off their competition.  The Annual Memorial tournament provides a healthy opportunity for gentleman-like sportsmanship.  Winners of the tournament include: 

Flight 1:

1st – Barry Duehring & Karl Karch (-10) 2nd – Jay Chaffin & Pete Gorski (-10)  3rd – Greg Ried & Justin Dayney (-7) 

Flight 2:1st – Brian Cummings & Michael Quick (-9)  2nd – Mark Iden & Tim Canny (-6)  3rd – Denny Heck & Joe Lentine (-3) 

Flight 3:1st – Keith Armstrong & Mike DiSimone (-11)  2nd – Bill McCormick & Lou Detroia (-6)  3rd – David Bartoszek & Ron Morris (-2)  Flight 4:1st – Don Bowles & Kent Wilson (-10)  2nd – David White & Randy Royce (-3)  3rd – Smoky Greene & Steve Robertson (-2)

Saturday Closest To The Pin Winners:#4 – Terry Thompson#8 – Cliff Ward#12 – Ty Foster#15 – Keith Armstrong

Sunday Closest To The Pin Winners:#4 – Jim Fulton#8 –Jay Chaffin#12 – Terry Thompson#15 – Denny Heck 

Shoot-Out Winners – Keith Armstrong & Mike DiSimone

As the Fawn Lake community grows over the years, so do the bonds amongst neighbors and friends within the neighborhood.  Some friendships built within the gates of Fawn Lake have withstood more than 20 years of companionship and their closeness is evident in the emotion felt during the Memorial  Golf tournament every year.  The time-honored tradition is just one of the many reasons Fawn Lake stands apart from most golf course communities, showing once again that the strong bonds formed by friends on our course are truly everlasting.

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